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5th IBRO AFRICA School on Essensial and Behavioural Neuroscience 14th - 21st December 2003, Nairobi Kenya. LECTURES

  1. Genetics Talk
  2. Lecture on Neurophysiology
  3. Plasticity Lecture
  4. Responsible Conduct in Research
  5. Hearing paper
  6. Brain Aging and Dementia
  7. Receptors and Signal transduction
  8. Strct_Synp_1
  9. Strct_Synp_2
  10. Germany mastrich


  1. My M. Bouyatas - Immunohistochemical reaction of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) after an acute and chronic lead toxicity in the meriones shawi
  2. Craig Jackson - Mole-rats & Golden moles
  3. G.Mbeo - Catha edulis potentiates the analgesic effect of the opioid analgesics fentanyl, codeine and morphine in mice
  4. Alice Maina - Neuronal response in edema disease: A case study of swine in Kiambu District, Kenya
  5. Michael Kihara et al., - Event Related Potentials (ERPs) as a measure of cognitive function
  6. Joseph Maina Ngotho - Determination of reliable biological markers of disease stage in the vervet monkey model of HAT
  7. Norah Mwebaza - The assay and evaluation of hypoglycemic effects of selected medicinal plants used in Central Uganda
  8. Paul Bangirana - Understanding and preventing neuropsychological sequel in Ugandan children after war trauma exposure: A theoretical perspective
  9. Okoli Charles O. - Bioactivity-Guided Isolation of the Antinociceptive Principle of Culcasia Scandens P.Beauv (Araceae)
  10. Edmond Isaac Ngazal - Behavioural Effects of the Methanolic Extract of Sterculia Setigera (F. Sterculiaceae) Stem-Bark In Mice
  11. Hanaa Hoddah - Effects of Cannabinoids on Appetitive Behavior
  12. Mary Muhia - Role of Nicotinic Receptors in Network Rhythms in the Hippocampus (in vitro)
  13. Ndaula Arthur Simon - Parental Interaction and Delinquent Behaviour
  14. Nirvana Pillay - The Construction and Optimisation of a Gene Therapy Procedure for Long-Term Complement Inhibition Following Lateral Fluid Percussion Brain Injury
  15. Patricia Wekulo and Penny Holding - The assessment of neuropsychological function in children in Kilifi district, Kenya
  16. Joachim D.K. Uys - Characterising an animal model for early life trauma using time-dependent sensitisation