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7th IBRO/ISN  Africa School on Molecular Neuropharmacology Oct. 31st - Nov 7th 2004, Nairobi - Kenya LECTURE NOTES

  1. Ataulfo - Function of receptors and ion-channels is affected by interacting proteins
  2. Ataulfo - Manupulating genes
  3. Laurie Kellaway - Principal of signaling in the nervous system
  4. Ataulfo - Genomic structure of genes encoding for neurotransmitter receptors
  5. Bob Halliwell - Modifying quinolone antibiotics yields new anxiolytics
  6. Laurie Kellaway - Receptors and Ion channels


  1. Amini Daniel - Identification, Cloning and Expression of Odorant Receptor Prroteins from Glossina Antennae
  2. Beatrice Amugune - Evaluation of Quality of Anticonvulsant Drugs on the Kenyan Market by a Simultaneous Liquid Chromatographic Method
  3. Bbosa Godfrey - Antibacterial Activity of the Selected Medicinal Plants Used to Prevent and Treat Infections in Humans and Animals in Uganda
  4. Kefa Bosire - An Investigation of a Herbal Therapy Used in the Treatment if Malaria in Kisii
  5. Dong Christian Lionel - Sedative and Anticonvulsant Properties of the Decoction of Annona Muricata Linné (Annonaceae) on White Mouse Mus Musculus Swiss (Muridae)
  6. Farade Mofolusho - Antimalaria Drug Development through an Ethnobotanical Approach
  7. Gathirwa Jeremiah - An In Vitro Antiplasmodial Activity of Some Plants Used in Kenya for the Preparation of Herbal Medicines for Malaria
  8. Gebrie Taye Endalk - Phytochemical Screening and Pharmacological Evaluations for the Antifertility Effect of the Methanolic Root Extract of Rumex Steudelii
  9. Jahun Balarabe Magaji - Piroxicam Alleviation of Adverse Effects of Intramuscular Injection of Oxytetracycline Long-Acting (TLA) in Dogs
  10. Kibuule Dan - A Comparative Study of the Plasma Levels of Transaminases and Creatinine in Hiv Patients on Nevirapine: Effavirenz Haart Based Regimens in Uganda
  11. Kombo David - The Value of Clinical Findings, Electroencephalography in Diagnosing Epilepsy in Children Seen at KCMC
  12. Mazodze Oliver - A Study of Habituation in the Responses of the A1 Auditory Receptor in Syntomeida Epilais Walker (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae, Ctenuchinae) to Intraspecific Acoustic Signals
  13. Mwaniki Dickson - Investigation of the Effects of Water from Lake Nakuru on the Central Nervous System (CNS) of Mice
  14. Mwebeza Norah - Evaluation of Effects of Selected Ugandan Medicinal Plants on Anxiety, Memory and Cognitive Function
  15. My Mustapha Bouyatas - Effects of Lead Intoxication, on Serotonin System and Sub-Commissural Organ Secretion
  16. Ngazal Edmond - Anticonvulsant Properties of the Methanolic Extract of Sterculia Satigera (F. Sterculiaceae) Stem Bark in Mice
  17. Odongo Hesbon - Effect of Crude Extract of Whole Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) on Fertility and Reproductive Parameters of Female Goats and Muscular Activities of Rabbit Illieum
  18. Ogunrin Olubunmi - Trace Metals and Vitamin Levels in Nigerian Patients with Sensory Ataxic Syndrome
  19. Ojiambo Robert - The Effects of Crude Lyophiliosed Aqueous Extracts of Vernonia Hochstetteri in Rats with Pilocarpine - Induced Status Epilepticus
  20. Ongwang Patrick - Evaluation of Efficacy and Toxicity of Fagara Herbal Plant Used in the Management of Malaria, Sickle Cell Anemia and Measles in the North-Eastern Part of Uganda
  21. Onyango David - Molecular Characterization of Antibiotic Resistant Human Salmonellae Typhimurium Strain in Western Kenya.
  22. Vongtau Habiba - Post-Synaptic-Dopamine (D2) Receptors Maybe Involved in Behavioural Effects of Berberine
  23. Yusuf Abdulkadir - The Beneficiary Effects of Antioxidants (Vitamin E and Glutathione) Combine with Type B Mao Inhibitor (Deprenyl) in the Management of MPTP Induced Parkinsonism in Wister Rats