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11th IBRO/ISN Africa School on Behavioural Neuroscience 10th - 17th December 2005, Nairobi - Kenya  LECTURE NOTESLecture1 - Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative DisordersLecture2 - Neurotransmitters and Intracellular CommunicationsLecture3 - The Brain in a NutshellLecture3a - The Human Brain and 1st Parts a PrimerLecture4 - Advantages of studying behavior and physiologyLecture5 - Techniques for Monitoring Behaviour and ActivityLecture6 - The Kingdoms of the Frontal and Temporal LobesLecture7 - Circadian Rhythms and BehaviourLecture8 - Asking Questions About Behaviour: The EthogramLecture10 - Neurotransmitters and Behavioral DevelopmentLecture11 - Sex in the BrainLecture12 - The origins of LanguageLecture13 - MemoryLecture15 - Introduction to Neuropsychometric TestingLecture16 - Behavioural Disturbances of ChildhoodLecture17 - Spatial Navigation in Pigeons Traditional and Modern ApproachesLecture18 - Environmental influences on Brain and BehaviourLecture19 - Microbes, Brain and BehaviourLecture20 - The Hippocampus and Learning in Naturalistic EnvironmentsLecture21 - Pharmacogenetics: General ConsiderationsLecture22 - Drugs of Abuse: Effects on Brain and BehaviorLecture22A - Complex Traits Analysis:The New Look in Neurobehavioral PharmacologyLecture23 - Assessment of Memory in Neurodegenerative mice ModelsSpecial-lectureI - History of Neuroscience Neuroscience in AfricaWORKSHOPS

 JOURNAL CLUBS:Journal Club1

  1. Parasites affect song complexity and neural development in a songbird
  2. HIV-1 Inhibits Long-Term Potentiation and Attenuates Spatial Learning
  3. Impact of a microphallid trematode on the behaviour and survival of its isopod intermediate host: phylogenetic inheritance?

Journal Club2

  1. Handling, genetic and housing effects on the mouse stress system,dopamine function, and behavior
  2. Genetics of behaviour: phenotypic and molecular study of rats derived from high- and low-alcohol consuming lines