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NEUROIMMUNOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF THE BRAINNairobi, Kenya, 22-25 May, 2007 LECTURES:Session 1: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF NERVOUS SYSTEM CELL INTERACTIONS AND ORGANIZATION, NEUROIMMUNOLOGY AND MICROBE-NERVOUS SYSTEM INTERACTIONS Lecture 1 - The intercellular dialogue in the nervous system and main actors: neurons and gliaLecture 2 - Review of functional neuroanatomyLecture 3 - Fundamental ImmunologyWorkshop A - Research Design and Methodology in the Developing World  Lecture 4 - Basic principles of microbe interactions with the nervous systemLecture 5 - How to measure cognitive impairment in health and disease?  Introduction to the Central Nervous SystemSession 2: MICROBES AND BRAINLecture 6 - Human African TrypanosomiasisLecture 7 - Sleep, neural/immune dialogue, and alterations in African TrypanosomiasisLecture 8 - Neurocysticercosis Workshop B: Brain anatomyLecture 10 - Concepts of Quality Management: linking African Courses Fogarty-IBRO and ICCI-TQMLecture 11 - ‘Cognitive impairment associated with Schistosomiasis’ and the Institute of Primate Research ProjectsDevelopmental Aspects of Cognition in ChildhoodDiscussion on Ethics in science – Human and Animals, scientific writing, publishing, etc. Session 3: MICROBES AND BRAIN PATHOLOGY Lecture 12 - Neuropathology of HIV and opportunistic infectionsLecture 13 -  Neuropathology of Cerebral Malaria Celebral Malaria in ChildrenLecture 14 - Animal Models to study Cerebral MalariaLecture 15 - Mechanisms and neural substrate of spasticityLecture 16 - HTLV-I, HIV-associated myelopathies? STUDENT PRESENTATIONS

  1. Kilozi Paul Justus - Neurolupus: Current thoughts and observations
  2. Cyrus Ayieko - Characterization of apoptotic mechanism in children infected with acute Plasmodium faliciparum.
  3. Kimani Clare Njoki -  Evaluating the immunogenicity, safety and toxicity of two DNA vaccines by clinical evaluation in baboons.
  4. Naomi Munyi - Encephaloceles: The Kijabe Experience
  5. Ongeti Kevin - Cryptococcal meningitis in HIV/AIDS patients