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 Workshop on Chronobiology and Sleep «Brain and Clocks; Neurochemical, Pharmacological and Therapeutical Approaches» 20th – 27th Octobre 2008Ouarzazate – Zagora, Morocco STUDENT PRESENTATIONS 

  1. Abedi M. Abedi - Role of Dorsolateral Area of The Striatum Area of The Striatum on Motor Control on Motor Control and Learning
  2. Idowu Abimbola John - Melatonin and the Melatonin and the Physiological Control Physiological Control of Ageing
  3. Adhil Bhagwandin - Study of Sleep in Two A Study of Sleep in Two Microphthlamic  Species Of Rodent
  4. Dounia Salhi - Effect of Lead on the Gaba System of the Hippocampus Mesured by  Parvalbumin Immunocytochemistry
  5. Edward Omete - Cocks and Clocks: Effects of Auditory Cues on Crowing in the Adult Male Chicken gallus Gallus domesticus
  6. El Mrabet Fatima Zahra - Antidepressant-Like Activity of Melatonin in the Forced Swimming Test in Rats: Interaction with Imipramineel
  7. Hanane Khalki - Study of the Calcitonin Effect on Food Intake, Forced Swim and Pain in the Rat
  8. Elgot Abdel Jalil - The Effect of Dehydration on Gfap Expression in Supraoptic  Nucleus and Subfornical Organ of a Desert Rodent: Meriones Shawi
  9. Karim Fifel - Neuronal and Behavioural effects of Solvants Abuse
  10. Loubna Khalki - Effects of Trigonella Foenum Gracum L.Seeds in Mice  Brains:Morphological snd Behavioural Study
  11. Boulahrouf Mariam - Lhrh System, and It’s Modulation by Photoperiod, Sex Hormones  and Thyroid Hormones
  12. Mariam Sabbar - Effect of Lead Exposure on the Circadian System: Neuroprotective  Effect of Melatonin
  13. Marieme Soda Diop - Familial Epilepsy Revealing Pseudohypoparathyroidism
  14. Nadine Gravett - A Study of Sleep in the Rock Hyrax, a Study of Sleep in the Rock Hyrax, Procavia Capensis
  15. Nezha Bouhaddou - The Action of 5-Methoxytryptophol (5ml) on certain Thalamic and  Hypothalamic Nuclei in the Jerboas Depends on Seasons
  16. Olatunbosun Oriyomi Olaleye - Study of Adult Neurogenesis in Study of Adult Neurogenesis in the Four Striped Mouse, Common Mole rat and Greater Cane rat
  17. Guendouzi Salima - Dps/Ups Ups-Daps and the and the Extracellular   Matrix Components Interactions in the Components Interactions in the Hypothalamo  - Neurohypophysial System
  18. Trevor Nyakudya - Body Temperature Correlates of The Menstrual Cycle in Non-Human Primates
  19. Nana Paulin - Sedative and Anticonvulsant Properties of the Leaves of Acanthus  Montanusin Mice
  20. Noha Abogresha - Comparison of the Functional Regenerative Comparison of the Functional Regenerative Activity of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Activity of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells and Cd34+ Stem Cells in Mononuclear Cells and Cd34+ Stem Cells in Acute Myocardial Infarction Rat Model Acute Myocardial  Infarction
  21. Pedzisai Mazengenya - Planned Research Project Planned Research Project: Studies of Neural Cell Studies of Neural Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in the Adult Human Hippocampus
  22. Shaimaa Nasr Amin - Can Melatonin Affect Memory Formation at Night?
  23. Sansar Wafa - Chronic Lead Exposure Induces Astrogliosisin Cerebral Cortex, Hippocampus and Cerebellum