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Addictive Disorder Workshop

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  1. Animal Welfare
  2. Importance of taxonomy in biological investigations
  3. Brains of mice and men
  4. Confounding variables influencing behavioural test results in mouse models of neurodegenerative diseases
  5. Experimental Design
  6. Experimental Design and Data Anlysis
  7. Developmental Factors and Adult Mental Health
  8. What is Learning
  9. Epigenetics: The Future of Psychology & Neuroscience
  10. The Value of Rejection
  11. Ecological Brain ResearchThe rodent hippocampus and learning in naturalistic environments
  12. Setting up a behavioural neuroscience laboratory
  13. Mouse models of Alzheimer’s Disease
  14. Synaptic Function & Drug Action CONT. Lecture14-Synaptic Function & Drug Action
  15. Experience-dependent behavioural and neural plasticity
  16. Hippocampal correlates for spatial navigation and memory in African fruit bats




  1. Kefa Bosire - Effectiveness of selected vegetablesin improving lactation outcomes among breastfeeding mothers
  2. Chris Kinyanjui - Development of animal models for late stage trypanosomiasis
  3.  Foyet - Anti inflammatory and analgesic effects of Acanthus montanus
  4. Gadaga Louis - Toxicological and Neuropharmacological effects of Boophane Disticha crude extract
  5. Jickssa Gemechu - Effects of Khat and Alcohol on Cerebellum
  6. Mazengenya pedzisai - Studies of neural cell proliferation and differentiation in the adult human hippocampus
  7. Praveen Kumar - My search towards Research
  8. Tarek Bellaj - Working memory dysfunction in Parkinson’s Disease (PD)? 
  9. wambugu stanley - Lack of Capsaicin Desensitization and Absence of Unmyelinated fibers in the Orofacial Sensory System in the African Helmeted Turtle (P. subrufa)
  10. Funmi Olopade - Neurotoxic Effects of Petrol fumes
  11. Harrun H. Garrashi - Malaria and Cognition
  12. Karim FIFEL - Neuronal and Behavioural Effects of Solvants Abuse
  13. Kariuki Helen - Antinociceptive Activities of some Medicinal plant extracts using animal models
  14. Mercy Akinyi - Effect of Grooming on Tick Borne Diseases in Wild Baboons
  15. Rabiu Magaji - Anticonvulsant Studies on Cochlospermum tinctorium and Paullinia pinnata Extracts in Laboratory Animals
  16. Wafa's - Sniffing "glue“ and the Effects on behavior

Compiled Total Students Presentations