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21st ISN- IBROAfrica School "Mechanisms and Neuroprotective Strategies in Neurological Disorders and Cell Death" and  Teaching Workshop Fayoum Egypt 2nd -6th December, 2009  STUDENT PRESENTATIONS

  1. Adebayo Philip - Quality of life and its correlates in adult epileptic patients in a Nigerian tertiary health  institution
  2. Fawzi Mahomoodally - Nutrition & The Brain
  3. Gwer samson - Non-invasive Monitoring of Intracranial Pressure in Children with Acute Coma
  4. Maryam MOUNTASSIR - Study of Biological and Pharmacological Activities of Bee Products
  5. Moses Ekong - Effect of Artesunate Treatment on some Brain Biomolecules and its Behavioural Implication
  6. Yohannes Woubishet - Case Discussion
  7. Omar El Hiba -
  8. Paulin Nana - Effects of drugs on the eye of an amphibian
  9. Samantha Kerr - A lack of spinal hyperexcitability revealed in patients with Restless Legs Syndrome
  10. Shaimar Nasr - Synaptic Plasticity
  11. Steve Mutiso - OBESITY:Associated Cognitive Defects
  12. Yepnjio Faustin - Differential Diagnosis of the epileptic seizures
  13. Charles Masaki - Anatomical Perspective of Brain Stem Death
  14. Funsah Julius - Riskfactorsfor HIV-associatedneurocognitive disorders(HAND) in Sub-SaharanAfrica: thecase ofYaoundé-Cameroon
  15. Jamilu Yau - Anticonvulsant Activity of Residual Aqueous (AP) of Root Bark Ethanolic Extract of Carissa edulis (Vahl) in Laboratory Animals
  16. Modupe Ogunrombi - The role of MAO B in Parkinson’s Disease
  17. Olatude Sanya - Memory and Disorders of Memory
  18. Owoyele Bamidele Victor - Physiology of pain
  19. Rabiu Magaji - An Overview on the Physiologic Anatomy of the Autonomic Nervous System
  20. Samira Chaib - Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of the roots ethanolic extract of Rubia peregrina
  21. Solomon Ugoya - Pain Management-An Overview
  22. WaMbugu Stanley - Peripheral Autonomic Nervous system