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16th IBRO-ISN School of Neuroscience: Behavioural Neuroscience: "Brains in the Bushveld"Johannesburg, SA, December 8 - 16, 2007  University of the Withwatersrand,  7 York Road, Parktown, 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa STUDENT PRESENTATIONS

  1. IGADO Olumayowa - Modulatory Effects of Dietary Garcinia Kola Intake on Vanadium Tociicity in Brain of Rats 
  2. Nana Paulin - Effect of prenatal exposure of Acanthus montanus aqueous extract on behaviors of rat offsprings
  3. Nezha BOUHADDOU - Effect of seasons on the action of 5-Methoxytryptophol (5ML) on certain thalamic and hypothalamic nuclei in the gerboas (Jaculus orientalis)
  4. Komi Assogba - Mental Disorder in Cerebral Malaria