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Theme: Behavioral Bioassays in Neuroscience: Brain and Behavior from Invertebrates to Small Mammals

International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Nairobi, Kenya.4-13th Dec 2014




Student Activities


S1.  Proposal preparation

S2.  Student Research presentations (15 mins)

S3.  Data Analysis

S4.  Project presentation preparation with tutors

S5.  Presentations of mini-proposal


Lab projects


LAB 1.                  Use of genetic tools to study the nervous system in Drosophila: ChR2, shibts, TRiPA in motor neurons.

LAB 2.                  Adult olfactory trap assays

LAB 3.                  Larval olfactory assay in wild type, olfactory mutants, and using ChR2 and shibts

LAB 4.                  Proboscis extension assay in wild type flies and in ChR2-Gr5a.

LAB 5.                  Using automated tracking systems in mouse behavior - NBP

LAB 6.                  Open field test for testing activity - NBP

LAB 7.                  Elevated plus maze for testing anxiety – NGL/AB

LAB 8.                  Light-dark box for testing anxiety – NGL/AB

LAB 9.                  Puzzle box for executive function – NGL/AB

LAB 10.              Morris water maze for testing spatial learning and memory - RB


 LAB Protocols

Note: Lab 5 and 6 go together; lab 7,8, and 9 go together, and lab 10 is by itself. For the program to work we need to reduce the small mammals sessions to 3 rotations so there will be 3 groups. For the insect work there will be 4 groups.


Journal Clubs

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Journal Club2